Connecting world with Lightnet’s products

We cover 9 in 10 of the world’s countries

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Our money mobility network is
better, differentiated, and breaking the barrier

Multihub, multilateral network

Seamlessly connect to all sorts of money.

Upstream-downstream Fully-integrated

Interbank FX Prime Broker with direct national rail connection, enabling low-cost FX transactions and real-time settlement.

B2B & B2B2C

We focus large institutional wholesale volume as well as B2B, B2B2C to create the most optimized net settlement of fund flows.

We use innovation such as stable coin and virtual account to support wholesale settlement. Trust makes us less relying on banking rail.

Licenses & compliance

We use multiple sets of licenses and innovations to be able to handle large size transactions in capital controlled countries.

Direct swap without US Dollar

We remove the need to use US Dollar as intermediate settlement currency in certain exotic currency pair swaps.